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Get involved with South LA community organizations


Get Involved! The community organizations featured in the South LA Democratic Spaces exhibit are involved in a number of everyday struggles and campaigns, all of which work to make South LA a more democratic, healthy, and vibrant place. Several of our community organizer partners shared with us programs that are currently taking place -- check them out below, and get in contact with the organizations if you would like to lend a hand in their efforts to make South LA a better place for all.


Manuel Hernandez/ SCOPE 

SCOPE is engaging thousands of “new & occasional” voters in SLA to educate them on tax & fiscal policies that will help address the State and City budget deficits. Get involved by calling an organizer at 323-789-7920. 


Benjamin Torres/ CD TECH

CDTech is developing a comprehensive Civic Engagement and Leadership Development campaign to impact education, land-use and economic development in the Vernon Central and Figueroa Corridor. To get involved contact Liz Sunwoo at 213.763.2520.


Trina Greene/ Peace Over Violence

Each year POV recognizes and honors the work of those who have impacted our field, the lives of survivors and the community at large in innovative, compassionate, and groundbreaking ways. To attend Peace Over Violence's 41st Annual Humanitarian Awards on October 26, 2012 visit: http://peaceoverviolence.org/organization/events/annual-humanitarian-awards/


Neelam Sharma/ Community Services Unlimited

CSU is excited to announce that it has moved to Mercado La Paloma! In order to accommodate the growing demand for more local, "beyond organic" produce, the Village Market Place (VMP) will be occupying a commercial kitchen space and a store front as a vendor in this wonderful community market. In addition to our current Produce Stand and Produce Bag pick up sites you will also be able to shop any day of the week in a convenient, South LA location for VMP produce and value added items, as well as our new line of high quality baked goods. 


Gabriela Garcia/ SAJE

SAJE, along with the UNIDAD Coalition (United Neighbors In Defense Against Displacement), works to ensure all development in South L.A benefits the community with affordable housing, local jobs and support to small businesses. UNIDAD works to stop the displacement of families and to promote responsible, community-serving development.

Fight for a fair USC Master Plan for Expansion that demands community benefits! USC’s $1 Billion, 20-Year expansion plan will push out thousands of local families, unless City Council makes USC meet the community’s needs, too! For information on how to become involved in this campaign, contact 213.840.2675 or ggarcia@saje.net or visit Facebook.com/saje


Rudy Espinoza/ CFRC

As part of the "Legalize Street Vending" Campaign in Los Angeles, CFRC is organizing community residents across the city, and getting their input on the development of a new ordinance that will permit food vending on sidewalks. We think it will help create safer streets, more healthy food outlets, and more jobs. Folks interested can reach Rudy Espinoza at rudy@lurnnetwork.org or 310.597.1812.


Janice Burns/ Advancement Project

Our Community Research Lab offers workshops in October on using maps to tell your community’s story, document community knowledge, and lift community voice.  For more information, contact Janice Burns @ jburns@advanceproj.org or visit http://www.healthycity.org/c/au/sc/page_view/p/crl

Pete White/ LA CAN

Our campaign to engage public and Section 8 housing tenants in South LA is focused on creating transparency and promoting democracy within the City’s Housing Authority in order to move LA closer to meeting the human right to housing.  For more information or to get involved, visit www.cangress.org or email steved@cangress.org.


Kelly Decker / The Children's Nature Institute (CNI)

Join The Children's Nature Institute for our annual Urban Nature Week celebrations in mid-October 2012 as we raise awareness on the importance of being in touch with nature in an urban environment.  Visit www.cni-kids.org or email info@cni-kids.org.


Tafarai Bayne/ T.R.U.S.T. South LA

For more information about our work please visit www.trustsouthla.org. You can also like our Facebook at www.facebook.com/trustsouthla.


Tori Kjer / The Trust for Public Land

The Trust for Public Land works to protect the places people care about and to create close-to-home parks.  Our goal is to ensure that every child has easy access to a safe place to play in nature.  For more information on parks, green alleys and Fitness Zones in Los Angeles please visit our website at tpl.org.


Aurea Montes-Rodriguez / Community Coalition

Voter Outreach, Turnout and Education (VOTE)

In partnership with California CALLS, Community Coalition is committed to building a strong voting community grounded in the progressive core values.  Current efforts are aimed at build an electorate strong enough to reform tax and fiscal policy.  In addition, VOTE will also coordinate education forums on various global, national, state and local issues affecting South LA.

People Power Assembly (PPA)

PPA is a vehicle for ongoing civic engagement efforts that build support for the 99% movement.  Every month Community Coalition will host a monthly assembly for South Los Angeles residents to bring attention to current economic challenges facing the community, and develop strategies for people to assert their voice in the public debate.

Contact Community Coalition at www.cocosouthla.org or call (323) 750-9087

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